Football Schools

Feyenoord is opening football schools worldwide. The aim is to make the knowledge and methodology of its academy structurally available in specific regions while expanding our club’s international reach.

International Football Schools

Currently the Football Schools of Feyenoord are located in Egypt, Dubai and Poland. These Football Schools are led by local experts, who are continuously provided with guidance from Feyenoord's International Development Coaches. Each season our international development coaches will provide up to six weeks of on-site coaching. In doing so, Feyenoord can reach levels within its international Football Schools.

Feyenoord Football School in Egypt

In the summer of 2017 Feyenoord embarked on a new adventure, together with the Talent Group. Since then branches of the Feyenoord Football School have opened all over Egypt. At these schools, children between the ages of 6 and 18 are given the opportunity to train under the guidance of Feyenoord trained coaches. The Feyenoord Football School Egypt is currently active at 12 locations: Ismailiyah, Cairo (4: Maadi Olympic village, Cairo Stadium, Cairo Lake House Club, Cairo Modern English School), Alexandria (2: Olympi Club, Sporting Club), Sharm El Sheikh, Zagazig, Husseinia and Mansoura.

Feyenoord Football School in Poland

In the summer of 2018, Feyenoord Rotterdam and The Academy Poland established a Feyenoord Football School in Poland. The first centre opened in the port city of Gdansk early September. Under the agreement, Feyenoord coaches travel to Poland several times per year to train local coaches and teach them the training methods used at the Feyenoord Academy in Rotterdam. Each summer, football camps are organised for the most promising Polish football talents.

Feyenoord Football School in Dubai

In the fall of 2018 three branches of the Feyenoord Football School opened in the Emirate of Dubai. Feyenoord embarked on this adventure together with the Talent Group. The Feyenoord Football Schools can be found in Mirdif, Jumeirah and Warqaa.

Feyenoord Football School in Jordan and Colombia

During the 2019-2020 season new Feyenoord Football School branches will open in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and Colombia.


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Football Schools

Date Country Partner
Jul 2019 Jordan Partnership agreement with Northwoord Jordan
Dec 2018 UAE Feyenoord Football School Jumeirah opened (Dubai)
Dec 2018 UAE Feyenoord Football School Al Qusais opened (Dubai)
Dec 2018 UAE Feyenoord Football School Mirdif opened (Dubai)
Aug 2018 Poland Feyenoord Football School Gdansk opened
May 2018
UAE Football School agreement with the Talent Group
May 2018
Partnership agreement Feyenoord FS Gdansk
Jun 2017
Feyenoord Football School Ismailia opened
Mar 2017
Football Academy agreement with Modern Group