Disclaimer & Cookies

Disclaimer & Cookies


Internet enables you to come into contact with people across the globe, order products and services from anywhere in the world and receive information tailored to your wishes.

Feyenoord.nl also offers various personalised services. We sometimes need information from you the user to ensure those services function properly. We have drawn up the following rules to explain that we always handle that information with due care. You can rest assured that we will follow these rules.

We have introduced appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect your personal information from loss or any form of unlawful processing. Whenever we ask for your permission or wherever you use your rights, we assume that you are 16 years of age or older. If you are younger than 16 years of age the permission of your parent or legal guardian is required rather than your own permission.

Your rights as a Feyenoord.nl user:

·         You can choose not to allow your information to be stored (except where we have a legal obligation to do this or in the event of a legal exception). However, this might mean that you are unable to use some Feyenoord.nl services.

·         Feyenoord.nl does its utmost to ensure that your information is correct and enables you to rectify your information yourself insofar as this is technically possible and insofar as Feyenoord has a program to do this. You can also ask to see your personal information. If you feel that your personal information is irrelevant or incorrect or ought to be deleted, you can ask Feyenoord.nl to improve, complete, remove or conceal it. You can submit this request in writing to klantenservice@feyenoord.nl<mailto:klantenservice@feyenoord.nl>.

·         Feyenoord.nl is permitted to combine the information provided by you with information regarding your use of Feyenoord.nl services in order to tailor the contents of Feyenoord.nl to your wishes.

·         Feyenoord sometimes records telephone calls, evaluates ticket office visits and saves emails and letters for training and coaching purposes to optimise our service to you. We do not retain recordings for longer than necessary.

·         The registered information cannot be accessed by a third party without your permission and will not be shared with a third party without your permission, except in the following cases:

o    If this is needed to ensure the proper functioning of Feyenoord.nl services that are offered by partners of Feyenoord.nl. You will be notified before your information is shared with a third party and you have the option of opting out and not using the service. Please note that the privacy rules of the partners of Feyenoord.nl apply at the moment you use the services of such partners; or

o    If Feyenoord.nl has a legal obligation to do so or if this is necessary to protect the rights of users of Feyenoord.nl services or the rights of Feyenoord.nl; or

o    If this is legally permitted.

Use of cookies

Feyenoord uses cookies to ensure you are recognised as a user and to make it easier for you to navigate through Feyenoord.nl services. If you do not wish to accept cookies you can block them by changing the settings of your browser. See below for more information about cookies.

Your information can be used to tailor Feyenoord.nl services and the services of Feyenoord.nl partners to your wishes. This may include the display of advertisements relevant to you. If you do not wish to receive commercial messages from Feyenoord.nl, Feyenoord will stop sending them to you upon receiving a request from you by post or by email to this end. If you do not wish to receive commercial messages from Feyenoord.nl partners you can send your request to the Feyenoord.nl partner in question.

Advertisers on Feyenoord.nl or partners of Feyenoord.nl may use cookies to improve the quality of their advertising campaigns and to tailor advertisements to your preferences (using data on your online behaviour among other things). Cookies also enable them to see which advertiser sites you visit. Feyenoord.nl has stipulated that this data must not be linked to your personal information. See below for more information about cookies.

Feyenoord.nl reserves the right to adapt this privacy statement. Any adaptation will be published on this page.

You can contact Feyenoord about this Privacy Statement through Feyenoord.nl. Address your written communication to:
Feyenoord Rotterdam N.V. (the official company name and party responsible for your personal information with regard to this Privacy Statement)
attn. Service & Tickets
Postbus 9635
3007 AP Rotterdam
or by email to klantenservice@feyenoord.nl

More information about cookies:

Cookies are small text files used to recognise you and ensure you receive personalised information or advertisements. Cookies are not programs that can run on or harm your system.

The cookies used by Feyenoord.nl and partners of Feyenoord.nl make it possible to see which sites you have visited. Feyenoord.nl only knows which of our own websites you have visited. Advertisers can only see which sites on which they advertise that you have visited. Among other things, this data is used to evaluate the performance of an advertisement. An example is the number of times the same message is displayed to you. This ensures that the same advertisement is not always displayed. Cookies are also used to measure how many unique visitors a website has in a month, say, and how many new unique visitors are added the following month. This is valuable information for planning successful campaigns.

On the homepage, we ask your permission to use these non-functional cookies (for analytical and marketing purposes). If you do not give your permission you can continue to use our website and we will use functional cookies that are needed for communication purposes or to provide a requested service. [We use a cookie to register whether you have given your permission and we keep this data for no more than one year.]

You can remove or activate cookies (and withdraw or give your permission) at any time. If you refuse permission to store a non-functional cookie and then remove the cookie in which this preference is registered, you will be asked for your permission again the next time you visit our website.

Most browsers can be configured to accept cookies, block cookies or tell you when a website asks to store a cookie on your hard drive. You can find instructions about changing browser settings and removing cookies by accessing your browser’s Help function (from the toolbar) or reading the user manual.

Yes, I agree Feyenoord.nl uses cookies to function properly, for analytical purposes and to provide you with relevant ads.
For more information see our cookie policy. If you continue to use our website, you agree to using cookies.

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