About Feyenoord in the Caribbean

About Feyenoord in the Caribbean

Feyenoord and Rotterdam have strong ties with the Caribbean. Many of the city's inhabitants have their direct or ancestral roots in in Suriname or the Dutch Caribbean, a region which has in its turn produced many players as well as supporters for our club. The first team of Feyenoord was invited to the island of Curaçao back in 1946 for a month long visit. The unforgettable hospitality our team enjoyed then in the difficult period after the second World War is forever embedded in the collective memory of the club. Besides the cultural and historical ties between Feyenoord and the Caribbean, there is an existing sister city relationship between the city of Havana and Rotterdam. All the more reason for Feyenoord to give something back.

In 2012 Feyenoord organised its first football camp on Curaçao. Since then, Cuba, Suriname and Aruba have followed. It is our aim to host such clinics and camps every year and provide local football talent with a window of opportunity. 

The annual visit to Cuba has become a tradition. Feyenoord has visited the island in four consecutive seasons since 2014, thanks to generous contributions of our sponsors and the Dutch Ministry of foreign Affairs.


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