Ronald Koeman adds a year to Feyenoord contract

Ronald Koeman has agreed a deal to add another twelve months to his current contract. As a result of successful negotiations with the club management, the successful coach will extend his tenure at the club until mid 2014.

With Ronald Koeman at the helm Feyenoord have started to re-establish themselves as a force on the pitch. Much of that is down to the influx of a large number of young players, most of them Feyenoord Academy graduates, who have made great strides under his guardianship. The club management liked what they saw and decided to invite Koeman to discuss an extension to the working relationship this week, which is earlier than originally planned.

'It was clear straight away that Ronald and us both had the same goal in mind: a one-year extension,’ explained technical director Martin van Geel, who said that a signing ceremony would be scheduled. 'Things can move very quickly if you are both willing and you happen to share a vision on what’s good for both parties,’ said Van Geel, who was involved in the negotiations along with general director Eric Gudde and Koeman’s agent.

Ronald Koeman is equally happy to have quickly reached an agreement on a contract extension. 'I’ve said on more than one occasion that I am very much at home here at Feyenoord. The club management has also openly indicated and shown that they wanted to continue to work with me. In that case, there’s not a lot to complicate matters.'

Feyenoord recently tied Jean-Paul Boëtius and Tony Vilhena – two talented youngsters – to the club. ‘All told it’s been a hectic week but a good one,’ said Van Geel smiling. ‘I’m convinced we have taken some very important steps that enable us to look with confidence not only to the rest of this season but also the 2013-2014 campaign.'
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