Feyenoord launches website in English

Feyenoord today, Thursday, launches its new website in English. The site, which is published at www.feyenoord.com, has been created to help fans, journalists and other interested parties throughout the world to stay up to speed with the latest news and developments at Feyenoord.

It’s no coincidence that the website launch has been scheduled a day before the draw for the third preliminary round of the Champions League. The pending participation in the premier European tournament has led to a huge increase in interest for Feyenoord from outside the Netherlands and Feyenoord only expects this interest to grow. Feyenoord is committed to providing a better service to all English-speaking fans and followers by bringing together all information on the club in one place.
Feyenoord.com will carry the most important news from Feyenoord as well as full information about the club. Including a presentation of every player in the squad and full details about how to buy match tickets.

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