Uefa has imposed a heavy punishment on Feyenoord in response to the incidents at the club’s home match against Lech Poznan in December last year. Football’s ruling body in Europe requires Feyenoord to close the whole yellow (north) side and section Z of De Kuip when they next play a European home tie. Uefa have also imposed a €50,000 fine on the club.

The Uefa Cup game between Feyenoord and Lech Poznan was soured by a number of nasty incidents. A Polish fan ended up in the moat in front of section Z, there was trouble on the north side of the stadium, missiles and other objects were thrown onto the field of play, fireworks were ignited in the stands, the Lech Poznan team bus was pelted and there were disturbances around the Maas Building. The reasons given in the judgement show that with the unprecedented penalty of the closure of a specific part of the stands the Uefa disciplinary committee wishes to hit precisely those sections were some people were guilty of misbehaving.

‘Uefa has taken the events seriously and given the reputation that we have unfortunately made for ourselves, that is not really surprising,’ said general manager Eric Gudde. ‘Uefa shows time and again that they appreciate how we have set up our security system. But seeing as this is already the thirteenth incident in the past five years, a heavy punishment for us that damages Feyenoord’s finances and image was probably unavoidable. All loyal and dedicated supporters on the north side suffer from this and it is time that the small minority that is guilty of this sort of behaviour realise that it could destroy the club. Feyenoord is under the microscope at Uefa and every incident is taken seriously. We are considering what further steps to take for future European games.’

The closure of the north side reduces the capacity of De Kuip by at least 10,000. Feyenoord will do everything in its power to recover the losses from the guilty parties, a large number of whom have already been identified. The person deemed responsible for injuring the Polish fan has already been found guilty by the court and has received a stadium ban from Feyenoord.
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