Feyenoord have decided to let Henk Timmer go at the end of the season. Club management recently explained the situation to the 37-year-old keeper, so that he has plenty of time to look for a new employer.

A clause in Henk Timmer’s contract states that the goalkeeper would be awarded another year on his deal if he played 30 matches or more this season. Timmer is already very close to that now and he looks like passing it easily.

However, Feyenoord’s next coach Mario Been, who will start work in Rotterdam this summer, has told club management that Timmer is not part of his plans for next season. With this in mind, the management spoke with Timmer and his agent with a view to cancelling the renewal clause and the parties have now reached agreement.

‘Henk will obviously be able to finish this season, because the current coach Leon Vlemmings is happy with him,’ said general manager Eric Gudde. ‘However, it would not be good for either Feyenoord or Henk himself to go into the new season knowing that he was not the new coach’s first choice.

‘We know that Henk wants to go to the World Cup in South Africa next year,’ continued Gudde. ‘The likelihood that he will be selected for that is much greater if he is between the posts at another club next season, than if he was second or possibly even third choice keeper at Feyenoord by then. Feyenoord in turn obviously does not get anything out of keeping such an experienced goalkeeper with matching wages on staff, when the new coach has already said he will get little or no time on the pitch. So this is the best solution for all parties.’

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