The site of Feyenoord’s new stadium will be decided in December. Rotterdam city executive member Lucas Bolsius (whose portfolio covers finances, sport and the outdoor environment) announced the timeframe Tuesday. The occasion was the presentation of three models with potential sites for the club’s new home.

Location is the most pressing decision with respect to the new facility. Only once the location has been chosen can other aspects of the design be written in stone. One thing that has been decided is the stadium’s capacity: 80,000 fans will be accommodated on match days, although there will be a possibility to extend that to 100,000 for special events, such as a World Cup finals tournament or an Olympics.

Each model sites the new stadium at a slightly different location. In the ‘Stadionpark’ version the new facility is next to the existing ground, on the other side of the Marathonweg road. Here it forms a cluster with a new ice rink and the Topsport centrum. This model takes full advantage of existing rail link.

The ‘United’ model is a mixed-purpose urban area along and above the rail link. The new rail development project is central to this scenario. The new stadium is surrounded by housing. Both the existing and the new facility, as well as the new ice rink and the Topsport centrum are by the new rail park.

If the ‘Maas’ model is given the nod, the new facility will be built in a prominent position overlooking the river Maas. In this version the existing stadium functions as a symbolic gateway to the new stadium.

Financial director Onno Jacobs says that the club does not favour any one alternative. ‘We are in any case delighted that it’s no longer a question of whether the new stadium will be built but where exactly it will be sited. We now know that the new stadium will definitely be in [district] Zuid and we are pleased about that. The plans look promising for Feyenoord.’

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