Feyenoord bowed out of their Austria training camp Thursday with a thumping 12-0 victory over a regional eleven. Andwelé Slory, Jon Dahl Tomasson, Leroy Fer, Michael Janota (all 2), Denny Landzaat, Serginho Greene, André Bahia and Manteiga were the scorers. The game also saw the return of Ron Vlaar after more than nine months on the sidelines, and an appearance from Giovanni van Bronckhorst, his first since preseason began. Andwelé Slory left the game with an injury.

It was difficult to gauge the quality of the opposition before the game got underway, but it was immediately clear that Feyenoord would not be having much of a test. The regional team fought for all it was worth, but were obviously not used to playing together. There was a lack of quality too.

Feyenoord put the Austrians under pressure straight off. The reward was not long in coming. Slory rattled a drive across the goal into the far corner on two minutes. The second goal came before the quarter-hour mark; Fer finishing off a fine attack.

Both were nice goals, but the next two strikes were even better. Denny Landzaat saw his initial attempt get stuck in a tangle of legs, but he solved the problem with his second effort by lobbing into the net from the edge of the penalty area. Greene did his own take on the lob not long after, this time with just the keeper to beat. It was 4-0 with just 20 minutes played.

Slory got his second of the game and Feyenoord’s fifth on 24, and it was a carbon copy of the first effort. The striker was unable to celebrate however, as he suffered a painful hamstring injury at the same time. It didn’t stop Feyenoord from adding more before the break though. Fer made it six, then Bahia heading in a seventh.

The Rotterdammers returned for the second half with a virtually new eleven and it took them 12 minutes to find the net. Tomasson got that eighth goal, while Janota made it nine with just over 20 minutes to go. It would have been the tenth if Ron Vlaar had kept his shot on target not long prior to that.

Tomasson ultimately put Feyenoord in double figures. Manteiga then pushed the score up to eleven, precisely a week after reporting for duty. The Brazilian could not hide his delight.

Janota wrapped up the scoring on 87, to make it a round dozen.

Feyenoord – Fulpmes regional eleven 12-0
2’ Slory 1-0
13’ Fer 2-0
16’ Landzaat 3-0
20’ Greene 4-0
24’ Slory 5-0
27’ Fer 6-0
41’ Bahia 7-0
57’ Tomasson 8-0
69’ Janota 9-0
81’ Tomasson 10-0
84’ Manteiga 11-0
87’ Janota 12-0

First half: Timmer; Harrison, Greene, Bahia, De Cler; Fer, Bruins, Wijnaldum, Landzaat; Slory (25’ Tomasson) and Mols.
Second half: Ekramy; Lucius, Vlaar, Nieveld, Bahia; Landzaat, Hofs, Monteiga, Van Bronckhorst; Janota and Tomasson.
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