Feyenoord and NAC have reached agreement on the appointment of Leon Vlemmings as assistant coach at De Kuip. The 38-year-old will start work in Rotterdam on 1 July. It means that the KNVB arbitration requested by Vlemmings with respect to his resignation from his current club is no longer needed.

‘We are happy to have reached agreement with NAC. They played hard but fair. All told, no one really wanted to go to arbitration, the result of which would have been uncertain for all parties. This way, we have been able to settle things among ourselves,’ explained general manager Eric Gudde, who was unwilling to reveal any details about the settlement. ‘That’s between NAC and Feyenoord, but everyone is satisfied with the eventual outcome, that is the most important thing.’

‘We concluded a five-year employment contract with Leon as assistant coach in December 2007,’ said NAC general manager Theo Mommer. Feyenoord’s subsequent interest in out assistant coach confirmed our decision. But when Leon requested arbitration, in contrast to what he’d said earlier, we only had one goal: making the best of it. We feel we have done that. Feyenoord showed their desire to take him to Rotterdam. I believe we are the first club in the Eredivisie to get a fee for an assistant coach.’

Gertjan Verbeek’s new assistant expressed his relief at the news. ‘I’m glad the clubs have reached agreement. After discussing my future plans with Feyenoord I realised there was no going back to NAC. It’s sad for NAC, but I think this is the best move for me at this time. No matter how good I felt at Breda. I view Feyenoord as a step forwards and an enormous challenge.’

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