Feyenoord and Andwélé Slory have agreed an extension to the player’s contract. The winger joined his agent Winny Haatrecht and technical manager Peter Bosz Thursday afternoon to sign the new deal, which binds him to the club until 2010. The contract also includes a clause offering Feyenoord the option of extending the deal by a further twelve months. The player’s original deal was set to terminate in summer 2009.

Slory owes his new deal to his exciting start to the season at Feyenoord. ‘Andwélé has shown in a short space of time that he can play at the level Feyenoord plays at,’ said Peter Bosz. ‘I am not surprised by how he has done here. I saw him play for Excelsior a lot last season. But you never know how a talented player is going to handle such a big step. He has shown he can handle this level, which is why we decided to extend the deal in an earlier stage.’

Bosz acknowledged that the club wanted to reaffirm their confidence in the player. ‘The contract was only for two years. That’s very short in football. Andwélé is a typical winger and there aren’t very many of them here or abroad. That’s why we took this decision. He deserves it too.’

The news came at a great moment for Slory. The striker is currently recovering from a metatarsus injury. ‘It’s a shot in the arm,’ admitted Slory. ‘I’m really pleased I’ve managed to adapt so fast and they’re satisfied with me here. It’s all gone so fast recently. When Feyenoord offer you a contract for a number of years you don’t hesitate for a second. We sewed it up quickly. I’m delighted.’

It is unclear when the Feyenoord faithful will be able to enjoy the winger’s skills next, although Slory himself is hopeful it won’t be too long. ‘Things are moving in the right direction. I hope to be playing in four, five or six weeks. It cannot happen too quickly for me, anyway. Although you can always experience a setback during your rehab, so I’m not fixated on a date.’
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