Bert van Marwijk was officially presented as Feyenoord’s new coach Monday, admitting that his was a decision of the heart. ‘I have to feel that the club wants me and I clearly felt that on two occasions.’ The coach expressed his desire to give Feyenoord back ‘its own identity on and off the field’. In sporting terms, Van Marwijk is targeting qualification for Europe.

‘I’ve missed you,’ Van Marwijk told the press that came to De Kuip to witness his presentation Monday Morning. The coach ended his first stint at Feyenoord three years go. ‘I’ve retained a good feeling about Feyenoord during those years. I experienced four fantastic years.’

The coach spoke with a Feyenoord delegation for the first time at the end of May. ‘That interview was more positive than expected. The future prospects particularly appealed to me, they were better than I had expected. I have been given sufficient indications that this season we will have a team I can stand behind completely.’

The second interview came two weeks after the first, at the coach’s holiday address. By then Van Marwijk did not want to waste any more time on his decision. ‘You would lose credibility. What’s more, I hope my positive response is a sign that I have the utmost confidence in the future of Feyenoord.’

Van Marwijk admitted that he has already held discussions about possible reinforcements, but neither he nor supervisory board member Peter Vogelzang was willing to name any names. ‘We are looking among category A players,’ confirmed Vogelzang. ‘They are good, experienced players. But as long as we are not a hundred per cent certain a player is arriving we won’t be making any announcements.’

Vogelzang said that the club were ‘very happy’ to take on Van Marwijk. ‘By appointing this top-class coach we are taking the first step back up the ladder. Everyone will understand that we still have to take a lot more steps. We have the utmost confidence that we will be able to take them.’

Van Marwijk expressed his wish to give Feyenoord its own identity back ‘on and off the field. The entire club must exude professionalism; we have to get back a positive image. In sporting terms, we have to endeavour to quickly get back into Europe. That is where Feyenoord belongs.’

More clarity is expected on Van Marwijk’s technical team over the coming days. Van Marwijk will himself be interviewing candidates this week.
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