Feyenoord has completed its new management structure as announced by the club a few months ago. The Supervisory Board today signed the articles of association that ratify the club’s new organisational structure, which constitutes a solid foundation for the future.

The most important characteristics of the new structure are as follows:
- Improved transparency of the management model
- The balance between club culture and robust financing
- A form of organisation in which all echelons of Feyenoord are represented

President of the Supervisory Board Gerard Kerkum stressed the importance of the administrative reform Friday. ‘This new structure makes Feyenoord stronger and more ready. Furthermore, the new organisation will mean that important parties feel involved in the club more easily and speedily.”

One of the direct consequences of the new structure is that the club will have a three-person management team. Feyenoord has already initiated the procedure to recruit a chief executive. The Supervisory Board will comprise at least five and at most seven members.

Parallel to the completion of the new structure, the Supervisory Board have appointed Peter Vogelzang (62) and Boudewijn Poelmann (58) as members of the Supervisory Board of Feyenoord NV. Peter Vogelzang, former chief executive of the Royal Netherlands Football Association, will be the first point of contact on the Supervisory Board for the club’s management and supervisory board members. His appointment as delegated supervisory director is for a term of five months. Feyenoord’s aim in appointing Vogelzang is to enable the current management tem of Onno Jacobs and Chris Woerts to focus on specific questions.

Peter Vogelzang is currently a member of the Regulatory Board of the Royal Netherlands Football Association. Vogelzang will work at Feyenoord until 1 October 2007. Peter Vogelzang, who was chef de mission of the Dutch Olympic team in 2004, expressed his delight at his temporary appointment at Feyenoord. ‘This club has a fantastic image and I look forward to helping shape Feyenoord in the coming months with my experience in public administration and the world of sport.”

Boudewijn Poelmann is chairman of Novamedia and NV Goede Doelen Loterijen (Postcode, Sponsor and Bank Giro lotteries). Poelmann will focus on media and marketing on the Supervisory Board.
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