The International Court for Arbitration in Sport (CAS) in Lausanne has rejected Feyenoord’s appeal against the decision to throw the club out of this year’s UEFA Cup. It means that the matches against Spurs will not go ahead. ‘We will have to accept the decision,’ said Onno Jacobs on behalf of Feyenoord, ‘but it is bitter that our club and real supporters are the victims of the misconduct of people we don’t want anything to do with.’

After the disturbances before and during the match between Nancy and Feyenoord, the appeal that the complaining party filed against the punishment handed down earlier and the decision of the Uefa Appeals Committee to exclude Feyenoord from European cup football this season, Feyenoord filed an appeal with CAS. ‘We have always stressed that we as a club were powerless in this matter, because the people that misbehaved got tickets through other channels,’ said Onno Jacobs. ‘So it feels like Feyenoord has been wronged. This is a very severe punishment.’
‘We can do nothing else but ensure that Feyenoord restores its good reputation in Europe,’ said Jacobs. ‘We hope that all supporters fully understand the importance of this and that they will assume their responsibilities in the stadiums. This club must never again be the victim of the misconduct of individuals.’
Feyenoord will not be making any more comments on the decision.

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