The UEFA Appeals Committee has thrown Feyenoord out of this season’s European competitions as a consequence of the skirmishes around the match between the club and AS Nancy in November. Feyenoord originally received a suspended ban for the incidents, but UEFA appealed the decision. Feyenoord has also been fined 100,000 Swiss francs. ‘This is in every regard a huge blow for our club and for everyone who is genuinely well disposed to Feyenoord,’ said Manager Onno Jacobs in reaction to the news. ‘There are only losers in this situation.’

‘This punishment has enormous implications for our club,’ said Jacobs, whose remit as finance & operations manager at Feyenoord also covers safety. ‘Feyenoord will suffer greatly at both the financial and sporting level. We will miss out on match receipts, TV money, any premiums and much more. Our genuine supporters are the victim of the behaviour of a group of people that Feyenoord does not want to have anything to do with.’

The UEFA Appeals Committee ruled that the incidents in Nancy were the responsibility of Feyenoord. ‘We again explained how we warned about the persons who travelled to Nancy on their own and misbehaved there.
We could not bear responsibility for persons unknown to us. Now we are being punished for the behaviour of a number of antisocial persons, although we did not invite them.’

Jacobs confirmed that Feyenoord is considering its response. ‘There is the possibility of fighting the punishment at CAS, the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Lausanne. Such an appeal does not have suspensive power. We will study the ruling and reasoning very closely before taking a decision.’

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