Gerard Kerkum has been named interim chairman of the supervisory board of Feyenoord Rotterdam, ahead of the full-time appointment of Dick van Well. Kerkum hopes to be able to hand over the gavel at the end of the current football season. The rest of the supervisory board will comprise Martin van Pernis, Coert Beerman and Jos van der Vegt, the representative of Sportclub Feyenoord. The naming of the new supervisory board members is a direct consequence of the binding recommendations delivered by the Kerkum Commission on 6 December.

Those recommendations included the adoption of a new structure to make Feyenoord into a transparent organisation that meets the requirements of good governance, is easier to finance, more adroit and more recognisable to those that support the club.

In the new structure the shares of Feyenoord Rotterdam NV will be held by two foundations: Stichting Administratiekantoor Feyenoord Rotterdam and Stichting Continuïteit Feyenoord Rotterdam.

The management team to be the ‘face of Feyenoord’. It will be responsible for running the company and achieving its objectives, strategy, policy and results. The management team will be accountable to the supervisory board and to the General Meeting of Shareholders. The supervisory board – which will oversee the management team – will comprises five critical independent members. Stichting Continuïteit Feyenoord Rotterdam will make a binding nomination with respect to four of those members. Sportclub Feyenoord, with playing and non-playing members, will make a binding nomination with respect to the fifth and final member. The new supervisory board will come together for the first time January 2007 once Feyenoord Rotterdam NV has completed the formalities.

The new members of the supervisory board are as follows.

Gerard Kerkum (76) is man with a genuine Feyenoord heart. He wore the club’s colours between 1955 and 1965, taking the captain’s armband for much of that time. He then went on to become chairman of Feyenoord in 1982-1988. Kerkum is an honourable member of Sportclub Feyenoord and was supervisory director of Stadion Feijenoord. He led the Kerkum Commission that recommended the new structure. Before his retirement Kerkum was manager of construction firm Voormolen.

Dick van Well (58) will be the new vice-chairman of the supervisory board. Van Well is expected to take over the chair from Gerard Kerkum at the end of the present football season. Van Well is chairman of the board of Dura Vermeer Groep. He has been a committed Feyenoord fan since the early the sixties.

Martin van Pernis (61) is chairman of the board of Siemens Nederland. He also holds various supervisory directorships, as well as being a member of the management team of VNO-NCW and interim chairman of metal and electro industry employers’ organisation FME/CWM. Van Pernis will have special responsibility for HRM policy on the supervisory board.

Coert Beerman MBA (51) is chief executive of Rabobank Rotterdam, a position he formerly held at Rabobank Eindhoven. Beerman is also a member of the supervisory board of the Efteling and a member of the Economic Development Board Rotterdam. Beerman will have special responsibility for financial affairs on the supervisory board.

Jos van der Vegt (53) joins the supervisory board as Sportclub Feyenoord’s representative. Van der Vegt was general manager of Stadion Feijenoord in 1991-96 and is now general manager of Ahoy Rotterdam NV. Van der Vegt is also chairman of the Rotterdam Marathon and a member of the Economic Development Board Rotterdam.
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