Jorien van den Herik announced his intention to resign as chairman of Feyenoord on Friday evening. Van den Herik cited the end of the tax case against Feyenoord and himself as the most important reason for his decision. Feyenoord’s commercial manager Chris Woerts said that he was full of respect for Jorien van den Herik’s decision. ‘We are very grateful to Jorien van den Herik for the work he has done for the club. He has always been and he will always be a visionary.’

Woerts said that he expected the two other supervisory board directors Sjaak Troost and Willem Scholten to take over ongoing activities at Feyenoord in the coming period.’

‘In relation to the tax case, in sight of a safe harbour, it is time for other skippers to decide the course,’ said Van den Herik in a written statement. Van den Herik wants to give up his duties as soon as possible. ‘That does not change the fact of course that I am sympathetic towards the club. I remain a faithful fan of the club, which has been a decisive part of my life for many years.’

Woerts was full of praise for the departing Van den Herik. ‘He has always been and he will always be a visionary. Not only for Feyenoord but for the whole of Dutch football. Consider the TV rights for one. Thanks to Van den Herik all clubs in the Netherlands are now in a position to sell those rights individually. What’s more, he led Feyenoord in 2002 to victory in the UEFA Cup.’

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