Feyenoord called a special press conference Thursday evening to express its satisfaction at the fact that UEFA showed a willingness to accept the substantive arguments put forward by the club in its defence with respect to the disturbances in Nancy. ‘I’m happy that UEFA has based itself on the facts and not on the how they were represented,’ said Commercial Manager Chris Woerts, who was nevertheless not ready to speak in terms of relief on the part of the club. ‘This is the harshest punishment the club has ever had,’ underscored Woerts.

Woerts, who joined Finance & Operations Manager Onno Jacobs in the Feyenoord pressroom, began by observing that the club stands firm in its denunciation of the people who dragged the club’s name through the mud with their unacceptable behaviour in Nancy. ‘We are appealing to people’s common sense and hope that everyone who follows this club does so in a dignified manner. The other people should just stay away,’ said Woerts, who once again stressed that Feyenoord needs the assistance of politicians to solve the problem.

Onno Jacobs explained that the club would be trying to recover the damage inflicted in Nancy (including a reinforced plastic dividing wall, seats and a toilet space) from the wrongdoers. The club is also planning to send a letter to AS Nancy and its supporters, expressing its regret for the events of a week ago. The letter will also be published on the French club’s website.

Feyenoord is set to introduce an extra security measure for next week’s final Uefa Cup Group E match at the De Kuip against Wisla Krakow to rule out the chance of more trouble. ‘We will pursue the same procedure as we have for every high-risk match in the Dutch league,’ said Onno Jacobs. The club may also introduce stringent measures for European matches in coming seasons, although the decision will depend on the circumstances. One of the options is not to take any away support when the club travels abroad. ‘But that depends on what country the opponents are from, how easy it is to reach and how the opponents organise ticketing,’ clarified Jacobs.

Feyenoord are still awaiting news on Uefa’s response to the incident at De Kuip in the match against Blackburn Rovers, when one person threw a plastic glass full of beer at one of the English players. The Uefa is set to hand down its judgement in that case on Friday afternoon. Jacobs was unwilling to speculate on any punishment. ‘We have not had any indication whatsoever that permits us to predict that penalty, but our intuition tells us that that punishment will be lighter than the one we were given today.’
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