Erwin Koeman saw his Feyenoord gain another hard-fought three points Sunday, the third victory in a row by the narrowest of margins. Those nine points would appear to show that Feyenoord have embarked on an upwards march, but Koeman remains cautious about drawing such conclusions. ‘It’s a start. We are playing better; there is more composure and talking on the pitch. Lads like Tiendalli and Huysegems have the chance to play with more freedom. And we showed more resilience. That is to be praised.’

The coach is not allowing himself to be blinded by the result however. Koeman was unhappy when his side went in search of the 3-1 in the final minutes. ‘In the hunt for that goal we lost the ball two or three times. We should have just played out that time,’ says the coach, who was equally unhappy with his team’s performance in the first part of the second half. ‘We drew back too much, which gave Janssen the chance to give some passes. When Lazovic got the equaliser we were not in the game.’

The Serb’s goal caused quite a hullabaloo, as it came with Feyenoord defender Greene injured on the deck and the home crowd did not exactly show their appreciation. Koeman was not enchanted either, expressing his irritation when the celebrating Lazovic passed by him on the sidelines. ‘If I’d been a player I’d have smacked into him and the ball. But not as a coach. I was in complete control of myself. As the coach I have that responsibility. I did think it was strange that the referee blew five minutes later when a Vitesse player needed treatment. I advocate one rule for this type of case; that would remove a lot of confusion.’
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