Dirk Kuyt’s imminent departure to Liverpool leaves Feyenoord looking a little lightweight in the goal-getting department, but panic is the last thing on the club’s mind. That was the most important statement to come out of the press conference held just after the announcement of the striker’s transfer Thursday. Commercial director Chris Woerts and technical manager Peter Bosz certainly didn’t try to duck the issue. ‘We have to try to come out of this big loss stronger as a team. That is the challenge.’

With two days and change to go before their Eredivisie season kicks off in Groningen, it’s highly unlikely that Feyenoord will take the field with a new striker. ‘Sunday is very soon for buying a striker,’ admitted Bosz, who did however concede that there is a list of potential recruits. ‘The drawback is that we are getting closer and closer to the transfer window closing. A number of players have already extended their contracts or been sold to another club. So we have had to strike a whole bunch of names.’

The main thing that’s needed is patience, added Woerts. ‘Quality is key, not quantity. We will take our time to bring in a reinforcement. We must never allow ourselves to be put under pressure or to panic.’ Bosz agreed: ‘I’m not worried. We knew it could happen and we have thought about it. It’s now about getting hard to work. We won’t find a striker of Kuyt’s calibre; we shouldn’t waste our time trying.’

Woerts said that he was satisfied with the transfer fee, but less charmed by the timing. The late closing date of the transfer market is to blame. ‘The bigwigs in Zurich and Geneva have decided that the market would close on 31 August and we are now the ones to suffer,’ said Woerts. ‘It would be a lot better if the market was open till the end of July, so clubs know what players they will be starting the season with. It’s obviously an unnatural situation so close to the start of the league season. But again, we should not allow this to put us under pressure.’

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