Erwin Koeman was not dissatisfied with his team’s performance against Chelsea, despite the defeat, but he was unhappy with the ‘sporting drama’ that resulted in Patrick Lodewijks and Royston Drenthe having to come off prematurely. And that’s no surprise, bearing in mind Romeo Castelen is already set to miss the early stages of the season. All told, the coach is now left with a real headache ahead of the kick-off in Groningen.

Koeman was forced to mix things up after two of his players left the field of play with injuries, which took the sheen of the meeting for the coach. ‘Lodewijks had to come off with a dislocated little finger. I’m not surprised he was annoyed with Kalou, who was responsible for the injury. Kalou committed a mindless foul on Greene too at the start of the game. This was a friendly game but in the league you can get a red card for that.’

Chelsea coach Mourinho called the encounter ‘good training, almost a game’ and cautiously expressed the hope that the two sides would hook up against next season. Koeman was also satisfied with the run-out. ‘It was another educational game for us after the one against Middlesbrough. We played against one of Europe’s elite today. We did well first half and we played the ball around well at times. I was especially pleased with De Guzman; it was very clear that he wanted the ball. We found it tougher second half, but I’m still happy with what I saw today.’

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