Feyenoord helped celebrate the 90th anniversary of FC Boszoom Saturday by giving the amateurs what must be their biggest ever hiding, running in eighteen goals without reply. Half of Feyenoord’s output came from two men, with Benjamin De Ceulaer getting five and Ali Boussaboun four. Other scorers were Pierre van Hooijdonk (3), Sebastián Pardo (2), Diego Biseswar, Pieter Collen and André Bahia. Tim Vincken grabbed the last goal to crown his return to action after eight months on the sidelines in a game that marked the debut of trialist Adama Tamboura from Mali.

Feyenoord suffered a painful defeat to the amateurs of Katwijk, but the yearning for redemption and the difference in class between Tuesday’s opponents and Saturday’s, meant that a repeat was never really on the cards.

Theo Lucius illustrated Feyenoord’s desire in the first period, racing with the ball to the half way line after every goal to ensure that the game was resumed with the shortest delay. Most of Lucius’ sprints came after a goal by Ali Boussaboun, who knocked in four in the first half. The highlight was a fantastic solo run and finish, when the Moroccan skinned no fewer than five opponents before outwitting the keeper. Boussaboun was given a rest in the second half, as coach Erwin Koeman put out a different eleven, but it was already 7-0 by then, because Biseswar, Collen and Bahia had all notched their goal too.

De Ceulaer came out after the break looking to put Boussaboun in the shade. Van Hooijdonk made it eight five minutes in and took over Lucius’ job of hurrying back to the centre spot with the ball, which meant that Feyenoord were back down the business end within a minute and this time it was the Belgian who netted. De Ceulaer grabbed another on 55 and then really cut loose in the last ten minutes, scoring an additional three.

Doubles by Pardo and Van Hooijdonk kept things moving forward, but the last word was Tim Vincken’s, who marked his comeback from injury hell with a goal in the last minute to bring the final total up to 18.

FC Boszoom – Feyenoord 0-18
10’ 0-1 Boussaboun
30’ 0-2 Biseswar
31’ 0-3 Boussaboun
32’ 0-4 Boussaboun
39’ 0-5 Collen
42’ 0-6 Boussaboun
45’ 0-7 Bahia
50’ 0-8 Van Hooijdonk
51’ 0-9 De Ceulaer
55’ 0-10 De Ceulaer
60’ 0-11 Pardo
68’ 0-12 Van Hooijdonk
78’ 0-13 Pardo
80’ 0-14 De Ceulaer
82’ 0-15 De Ceulaer
84’ 0-16 Van Hooijdonk
86’ 0-17 De Ceulaer
89’ 0-18 Vincken

First half: Ekramy; Collen, Greene, Bahia, Drenthe; Lucius, Davids, De Guzman; Biseswar, Boussaboun, Kolkka.
Second half: Aerts; Greene (73’ Vincken), Altheer, Tamboura; Abubakari, Sammuel, Mtiliga, Pardo; De Ceulaer, Van Hooijdonk, Huysegems.

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