Feyenoord’s first preseason friendly Tuesday was a miserable one for more than one reason. Defeat by the only goal of the game was disappointing, but nowhere near as disappointing as the injury to Romeo Castelen, who was forced out of the game by an overzealous challenge and now looks to have a serious problem. The game also saw the first run-outs in a red and white shirt for Benjamin De Ceulaer, Stein Huysegems, Theo Lucius and Jeffrey Altheer, who all played the first half.

There was no lack of motivation in the first 45, as new wingers Stein Huysegems and Benjamin De Ceulaer worked hard, but they were not alone, as all eleven Feyenoorders showed a refreshing determination despite only being back in training since Saturday. The lack of routine and match fitness was clearly a brake on that enthusiasm however.

Consequently, after an atypically tame Pierre van Hooijdonk free kick it was the home side that drew first blood on 22 minutes. The amateurs took the lead after an error by Jeffrey Altheer, who allowed his man the space to run up a head of steam, giving Erwin Verkuijlen a sniff of a shot, which the home player gladly took. Lodewijks saved well, but Van Ommeren netted the rebound.
Feyenoord tried to get back on track and were fairly successful at it too, because De Ceulaer could have levelled things not so long after. Van Hooijdonk headed the ball into the Belgian’s path, but a spectacular stop by keeper Martijn Middelbeek kept his side with their noses in front. Even so, Hofs could have brought Feyenoord back alongside just ahead of the tea and oranges, but he couldn’t direct his effort into the goal.
Feyenoord came out after the refreshments with a completely new eleven and started the second half strongly. Most of the Rotterdam threat came from Romeo Castelen, who looked busy on the right. His good work it was that led to a golden opportunity for Lorenzo Davids, but the youngster was so surprised he didn’t know whether to stick or twist and he eventually pulled his effort wide.
The professionals were looking increasingly dangerous in the Katwijk penalty area, but it was a while before the home defence was put under real pressure. The half was ten minutes old when Derijck went oh so close to converting De Guzman’s cross.

As the minutes ticked by it looked more and more likely that Feyenoord would leave empty handed, although it was hard to attach any importance to the result so early in preseason. But when Romeo Castelen was taken down hard by a scything Peter van Schie tackle the mood changed. The Holland international stayed on the ground and Erwin Koeman raced to attend to a visibly hurt Castelen along with carer Gerard Meijer and club doctor Robbart van Linschoten. The striker was eventually able to make it to the dressing room just about by his own steam, but no one would have been encouraged by how Castelen struggled off.
Not long after the referee blew for time, but all in all the result was a minor detail.
VV Katwijk – Feyenoord 1-0
22’ 1-0 Van Ommeren
First half: Lodewijks; Collen, Vlaar, Altheer, Drenthe; Hofs, Abubakari, Lucius; De Ceulaer; Van Hooijdonk, Huysegems. 
Second half: Ekramy; Greene, Derijck, Bahia, Mtiliga; Sammuel, De Guzman, Davids; Castelen (85’ Biseswar), Boussaboun, Kolkka.
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