Ron Vlaar has hooked up with the first team for his first training session as a Feyenoord player. There was great interest in Feyenoord’s new recruit, who admitted to being impressed by the attention. ‘You have an idea how it will be, training for the first time alongside De Kuip. But you have to experience it to really feel how special it is,’ said Vlaar, who is glad to be able to get to work in Rotterdam. ‘I have a hectic year behind me. I’m happy that things are calm again and I can concentrate on football.’

Vlaar’s day started with a brief tour of the De Kuip corridors. ‘I shook the hands of my new team-mates for the first time and I was shown around in and around the dressing room. Then we went out to train.’ Vlaar did have to get past a crowd of fans to get to the training pitch however, and found himself doling out a bunch of autographs. ‘It shows how big this club is I play for now. It just increases my enthusiasm to get to work here.’

On the pitch, the newcomers found his stride fairly fast. ‘Naturally it took some getting used to at the start. The warming-up was different from what I’m used to for instance. But by watching my team-mates closely I was able to pick it up relatively quickly. Coach Koeman’s approach was also a little different from what I was used to, but that is logical. Every coach has his own way of working.’

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