The annual Feyenoord Unicef Gala Dinner held Wednesday evening was a rousing success. The 21 companies that had a table at the event in the Hulstkamp building on the banks of the Maas were joined by a large number of Feyenoord celebrities, including players, technical staff and representatives of the club’s management, but also many VIPs, not least Chairman of the Board Jorien van den Herik, Dutch Minister for Development Cooperation Van Ardenne, Unicef Director Henk Franken and Mayor Ivo Opstelten of Rotterdam.

Van den Herik thanked the attendees for their presence, explaining the new faces in the Feyenoord entourage with a joke. ‘Last year Goor, Buffel, Song and the coaches Petrovic and Gullit were sitting here. We had to replace them or we would have had to listen to the same old story,’ said the chairman.

Minister Van Ardenne: ‘During his year at Feyenoord Johan Cruijff once said: you can only do it if you do it together and that also goes for Unicef and Feyenoord. Another footballing great said that football is war. But in Rotterdam we have proven that – if you work together – you can achieve more than just war.’

Franken in turn revealed that the Feyenoord model in Ghana, in which students teach their peers about HIV and Aids, will be extended in the country.

Paul van Vliet announced a special Feyenoord campaign to mark 50 years of Unicef, which allows people to make a one-off contribution for a specific project.

All proceeds of the dinner go to Unicef.

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