Dirk Kuyt has taken the decision to remain at Feyenoord. ‘I have taken my final decision, I’m staying at Feyenoord,’ said the player Monday. ‘It didn’t feel right to leave a wonderful, fantastic club like Feyenoord at the last moment. This season nothing will come of it with other clubs. If a tremendous club comes in I’ll listen to it, but I’ll also say immediately that it’s only for next season.’

The timing of Kuyt’s decision – hours after the defeat of Ajax – had little to do with the result. ‘It was an enormous shot in the arm for everyone that wishes Feyenoord well and it did play a role,’ says the striker. ‘But the most important thing was that the time had come to make a call. I thought about what’s good for me and what isn’t and on Sunday evening I decided to stay at Feyenoord.’

‘I’ve never thought about forcing a break with Feyenoord,’ Kuyt continues. ‘I’ll only leave Feyenoord when I have the permission of management. I don’t want to leave in unpleasant circumstances. In the past important players have often left in less pleasant circumstances. I hope when my time comes my departure will be pleasant and good, although we’re not at that point yet.’

The international is relieved to have now made a decision after months of speculation, which have affected his performance. ‘At first I felt that it didn’t affect me too much, although I did notice that it was very much on the minds of the people around me, the players, the supporters and the media. I had to answer a lot of questions and say how things were. That took a lot of time and energy, and as a result it also started to nag and I couldn’t avoid thinking about it. My cramp against Ajax was also revealing in that respect. It got to me for a few days. That’s all over now and I can focus again on the main thing, football.’

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