Feyenoord Ghana will be travelling home Tuesday with a feeling of satisfaction after making an excellent impression during their fourteen-day stay in Holland. The fifteen- and sixteen-year-olds turned heads at the weekend during a tournament hosted by Excelsior. An earlier highlight was Feyenoord Ghana’s 6-0 drubbing of SC Heerenveen’s B1 team. The side ended the Betuwe tournament in Tiel in fourth position to go with last year’s winning performance. The Ghanaians also provided the tournament’s best player in Daniel Boateng and top scorers Mandela and Osabatu.

Jeffrey Oost has taken on a new job as Feyenoord Ghana’s coordinator stroke youth coach, meeting his new charges during they stay in Holland. It was a pleasant introduction, as the Africans ran rings round one famous opponent after another. ‘I’d like to complement my predecessor Jan Gösgens on that. He did a fantastic job, that he can be very proud of. If you compare our boys with the players at very good Dutch clubs, we are faster and more technical. And the commitment is always one hundred percent. In Tiel, for instance, Heerenveen’s B1 side, which is not a programme to be sneezed at, were 6-0 down within twenty minutes… That says a lot.’

Last week, Feyenoord Ghana knocked both FC Omniworld and SMS Lodz for five without reply in a couple of friendlies. During the Excelsior tournament at the weekend, the hosts were also given a hiding, this time 5-2, while Lodz managed to keep the score down to 2-1 and an erroneous red card helped VVV beat the Africans 2-1.

Oost was impressed, but saw room for improvement. ‘The boys are so enthusiastic that they forget themselves now and again. In the future they have to learn to dose themselves. Tactically, they are further than most may think. But we still have to see how they take the next step. That’s quite difficult, because the European football culture must never be dominated by Ghanaian football power and their natural compulsion to move.’

Oost is very optimistic about the future, ahead of his departure to Ghana. ‘It is in any event a great project and it is certain to produce some talents. It’s just a question of patience. But it shouldn’t be forgotten that we started with nothing hardly five years ago. Compare that with youth development programmes in Holland, where work has been going on for decades. If you compare that, we have already come a long way. I think its fantastic that I will now be able to work with these boys every day.’

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