The helicopter came in over De Kuip roof with six smiling passengers Wednesday but those laughing faces turned to amazement as the copter neared the ground. New signings Derijck, Greene, Aerts and Boussaboun, alongside Vincken and Zuiverloon, who come from the youth set-up, will surely never forget their involvement in the traditional presentation of new first-team players at the club’s Open Day. ‘You have to experience this, because it’s almost impossible to describe,’ was Greene’s reaction.

The defender was not the only won to be gob-smacked because new team-mate Ali Boussaboun had some difficulty expressing his feelings too. ‘I really have no words for this. It is indescribable, unbelievable. I’m looking, enjoying, basically everything at once. Thanks for the warm welcome.’

Tim Vincken and Gianni Zuiverloon made their debuts in the first team last term, but have been added to the squad permanently for the first time this season. That meant they were eligible for a place in the copter. ‘It was fantastic,’ said Vincken. ‘I heard nothing at first when we landed due to the noise of the helicopter. Only afterwards did the sound from the stands get through to me. I found this great and special at the same time.’

Greene enjoyed it too, although he did wonder why the flight took so long. ‘We weren’t allowed to land and we had to wait, which took some time. But I soon forgot about it when I saw De Kuip. All those people looking upwards … You just have to experience this.’

Feyenoord’s other new signing Sherif Ekramy was unable to take part, because he still has to tie up some lose bureaucratic ends in Egypt.

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