Out in Nanjing, Pascal Bosschaart is making progress in his attempts to recover from a hamstring injury. The defender injured his left leg in the practice match against Barendrecht and is working on his rehab away from the rest of the squad. ‘But it’s going in the right direction,’ confirms Bosschaart. ‘I’m taking a step forward every day.’ The situation is less positive for Danko Lazovic, who was confined to his hotel room due to illness, while his squad-mates spent ninety minutes toiling in the sun on the training pitch.

It will be a while before Bosschaart is back to his best. ‘Recovery from an injury like this is typically four weeks,’ said club doctor Robbart van Linschoten. ‘Pascal has a tear in his right hamstring. So he’ll have to be patient about his rehab. But things are going in the right direction.’

Bosschaart has hooked up with physiotherapist Dennis Lion, while the rest of the squad trains with Erwin Koeman. The coach has spent the first few weeks of preseason laying down the law, on and off the field, but not at the expense of a good atmosphere. Save the weather, the Feyenoorders have little to grumble about. The hotel is one of the best in the city, the service is great and the training pitches are excellent.

The players have few opportunities to sightsee however. Training, eating, resting and training – it’s a full-time schedule.

The club’s second game in China will be Friday’s against Uruguay’s Nacional.


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