With the rumour mill at full tilt over the past week the subject of much of the gossip returned to the country Friday after a well-earned holiday. And Salomon Kalou was surprised to pick up a paper and see his name splashed all over the sports pages. Where it’s all come from is anyone’s guess, says the young striker. ‘I haven’t spoken to anyone. Strange that I am reading quotes from myself.’

Kalou knocked in 20 goals last campaign and was recently linked to PSV, but the youngster doesn’t believe a word of it. ‘There is no story at all. I was on holiday in Abidjan, away from the news and don’t know what happened here. What I always said still applies: I still have a two-year contract at Feyenoord and as long as Feyenoord don’t decide to transfer me I remain a Feyenoord player. I find it strange that there are quotes from me in the papers. I haven’t given a single interview since I went on holiday a month ago. I got back at five this morning, so I don’t know how that’s possible.’

‘The funny thing is that I was a nobody last year, but now everyone seems to talking about me. But I’m not happy with the publicity. If I ever leave then it’ll have to be by the front door, not a breakout. If Feyenoord want to keep me I’ll stay. Until 2007 at least. And if Feyenoord make the Champions League it may be interesting to stay longer. As long as I’m a Feyenoord player I’ll always give my best. The fans support me and I must not disappoint them. As long as I am a Feyenoorder I’ll concentrate one hundred per cent on my performances here. This whole story will not influence me. I give the supporters my guarantee of that. My heart lies at Feyenoord.’

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