Jorien van den Herik took the time to answer some questions on the decision to end the club’s working relationship with Ruud Gullit in a meeting with supporters club representatives Monday evening. The Feyenoord chairman explained that he does not blame the outgoing coach for anything. ‘I consider it to be a defeat that we were unable to continue with each other for two years. I find every contract that ends prematurely, whether that happens in good consultation or not, a sad matter. But this was unavoidable.’

Van den Herik was asked whether he was to blame for recent developments and responded by explaining the structure of the organisation at Feyenoord. ‘I cannot be blamed that I was not close enough to the team or I had insufficient information. That was different once, but my role now is a remote one. I take every responsibility I can take. But let me b! e clear: I do have to take it in that case. And then you have to be here every day. So I still take final responsibility, but at a great distance.’

‘I think that Ruud is used to working in a presidential model like they have in England,’ said Van den Herik when asked why Gullit had complained about how little contact he had with the chairman. ‘We don’t have that in Holland. Management is responsible for the day-to-day affairs here. I am not close to the team and I will certainly not do that either. That is what management is for. It is for me and my colleagues on the Supervisory Board to take a decision or listen to proposals and discuss them internally. The moment the league season finished you carry that out.’

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