The injury suffered by Karim Saidi in Sunday’s victory over Den Bosch is not as bad as first feared. The Tunisian defender was taken off on a stretcher and the fears were that he had broken his collarbone, but the diagnosis is less acute. ‘It’s not serious, although we don’t know how fast he’ll recover,’ confirmed club doctor Robbart van Linschoten. ‘It could be a few days, but it could be a little longer.’

The player lost his footing in his own area and remained in pain on the ground for quite a few minutes before being hauled onto a stretcher. ‘I sprinted for a ball, slipped and landed on top of my hand. My shoulder was immediately very painful and I knew I couldn’t go on. When the doctor spoke of a possible facture, I was worried, because this is not a good part of the season to be out for a long time.’

Back in the dressing room Van Linschoten was able to cheer the defender up a little. ‘The doctor explained to me that the shoulder may have popped out of its joint for a moment and that the muscles absorbed the worst of the thump. We now have to see whether anything is torn or just strained.’

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