New national coach Marco van Basten has included Dirk Kuyt, Pascal Bosschaart and Romeo Castelen in his provisional squad ahead of the Netherlands' 18 August friendly in Sweden. Ex-Feyenoorder Robin van Persie also makes the list. 'I didn't believe a word of it. It was only when I arrived at the stadium that I got confirmation from Pascal. This is so great and at the same time so unreal,' admitted Castelen.

'I really thought it was a joke. I told the friend who called me to get real. But he kept saying it. This is so unreal. I've just joined Feyenoord, I haven't played a competitive game yet and I've already been called up to Orange. Things are moving really fast. So fast that I cannot get my head round it yet. Two months ago I was playing at ADO. What a day.' 

'I was speaking about it on the radio this morning,' says Bosschaart. 'I can still hear myself saying that Orange is the ultimate goal. A couple of hours later and I've been selected. It's really fantastic. I'm fairly relaxed about it now, but when I heard about it in my car I couldn't believe it. I've run out of dreams for the moment. My boyhood dream has come true with my transfer to Feyenoord and now this.'

Dirk Kuyt was a little bit more reserved. 'Clearly, I knew there was a new national coach and so I was hoping to be included. This is great for Feyenoord. Maybe it's the start of a new era in which Feyenoord's Dutch players also play for the national team. It was sad that there wasn't a single Feyenoorder active at Euro 2004. My inclusion shows that Van Basten likes the look of me. But this a provisional squad. We'll have to wait and see whether I make the final cut. The competition in attack is strong, but I can gain strength from this. Right now I'm just very happy.'

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