Anthony Lurling will be on the coach that leaves De Kuip for Germany Saturday. The forward picked up a knee injury in training last week and looked like missing the journey. But Lurling will now travel east with the rest of the squad to continue his rehab at the club’s southern German training camp. The player hopes to return the Rotterdam at the end of the trip completely recovered and ready to make a big impact once the season gets underway.

Lurling’s recovery is well on track. ‘Yesterday I was able to cycle for two hours. That wasn’t bad. I did have a small reaction, but that was to be expected. The knee was knocked less than 48 hours ago, after all,’ explained the player.

‘I’m counting on getting in the running I need in Germany, so at least I won’t experience a drop in fitness. I don’t have a chance of making the two games, but I hope to make a recovery in Germany so that I can rejoin the squad. If I do, I hope to get some time on the pitch a week later in the friendlies against Newcastle and Seville.’

Lurling has now accepted the disappointment and the challenge. ‘I’m only thinking about my recovery now, that’s where all my attention is. But the first day I was well disappointed. Only logical, it seems to me, because I was so enthusiastic to show what I’m worth right from the start. I started to train for myself every day three weeks before the first day of training and I was top fit when preseason started. So it’s hard to take when you pick up an injury so soon in preseason. Certainly when you have been given number 29, like I have. You want to show that that’s a mistake. Hopefully I’ll get my chance before the season starts.’

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