Feyenoord will fly out of Turkey Thursday on the back of two wins out of two. After Club Bruges succumbed at the weekend, Wednesday saw the defeat of Besiktas 2-1 with goals by Buffel and Lazovic. Van Marwijk was happy with the win. ‘It’s good for the morale of the team that we managed to win both our matches. You see that the players have enjoyed the good performances against both Club Bruges and Besiktas.’

Feyenoord played in almost the same formation as the victory against the Belgians. Only Patrick Lodewijks stood aside, as Edwin Zoetebier defended the Feyenoord goal. The Rotterdammers got out the blocks fast and had the best of the first half, although they didn’t have too much luck in front of goal. The first goal didn’t come in the second half. Van Persie swung in a fine cross that Ebi Smolarek laid up for Thomas Buffel, who netted. The equalizer wiped the smile of Van Marwijk’s face however. Sloppy wasn’t in it, as Van Persie surrendered possession and the Turks waltzed forward. Sergen ultimately got on the end of a cross to nod in. Kuyt might have regained the lead for Feyenoord just after, but the natural balance was finally restored in the last minute, when Lazovic’s shot found the net. Van Marwijk was a satisfied coach post-match. ‘We have got better as a team on all fronts. We are much calmer at the back. A lot of that has to do with the returning form of Song. But also the fact that Van Haaren is a defender who is always ready to receive the ball and always knows how to find the footballing solution. I don’t even have to talk about the duo Van Wonderen/Paauwe. It is very strong.’ Ono and Pardo showed how well they can work together in midfield and there’s every chance that the duo will be first team regulars in the second half of the season. Van Marwijk has also seen progress in attack. ‘We scored four goals and created many more chances against two strong opponents. That gives hope for the future. Another plus for me is that Smolarek has shown that he is getting there and that Thomas Buffel is also gradually getting back to his old self.’ Besiktas-Feyenoord 1-2 (0-0) 59' 0-1 Buffel 79' 1-1 Sergen 90' 1-2 Lazovic Feyenoord: Zoetebier; Song (80' Swerts), Van Wonderen, Paauwe, Van Haaren; Ono, Pardo; Smolarek, Buffel (70' Lazovic), Kuyt, Van Persie (86' Dondé).
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