Chong Gug Song returns to the European stage Thursday, when Feyenoord attempt to overturn a two-goal deficit against Teplice in the Czech Republic. The Korean has been named as Gill Swerts’s replacement. The Belgian right back picked up a red card in the first minutes of the first leg and is suspended. A loss of form lost Song his place in the first team, but he has now been selected ahead of Chris Gyan.

Van Marwijk is set to keep the central defensive duo of Patrick Paauwe and Kees van Wonderen. The two old heads did an excellent job last Saturday at home to Vitesse. ‘Everything’s possible,’ said Van Marwijk in an attempt to spread some uncertainty in the Teplice camp, ‘which includes a place in midfield for Kees van Wonderen. But the fact is that the team was well balanced last Saturday. I thought it was Feyenoord’s best game of the season.’ The coach was not keen to discuss tactics, but if one thing’s clear it’s that Feyenoord will not be launching an all-out assault on the Czech goal from the first minute. Van Marwijk has tried to educate his men in the art of patient football, because the coach recognises that you’ll always make a number of chances and the trick is to be ready to make the most of them. That’s the only way to defeat a team like Teplice, which plays counterattacking football. Teplice’s round one German opponents fell into the trap of pushing for the goal and the Czechs ended up carving them up. ‘Kaiserslautern came and did things wrong,’ said Van Marwijk. ‘We have to learn from that.’ Feyenoord Lodewijks; Song, Van Wonderen, Paauwe, Snoyl; Lurling, Schreuder, Ono, Van Persie; Buffel, Kuyt
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