Feyenoord have been pitted against Czech side Teplice in the draw for the second round of the UEFA Cup. The Rotterdammers start with a home leg 6 November, before travelling to Central Europe for the 27 November return. FK Teplice is an unknown quantity for Feyenoord, but underestimation is not an option against a side that knocked out Germans Kaiserslautern in the last round, recording 2-1 and 1-0 wins against Erik Geret’s Bundesliga side.

The current number three in the Czech league has been playing in the top division only since 1996 and the side lacks big names other than perhaps ex-Sparta Prague keeper Tomas Postulka and international Pavel Horvath. The almost entirely home-grown squad has a smattering of Slovaks. THE TEPLICE SQUAD KEEPERS 1 Tomáš Postulka 02.02.1974 CZE 21 Patrik Kolár 30.10.1981 CZE 30 Radim Vlasak 05.01.1974 CZE DEFENDERS 2 Vladimir Leitner 28.06.1974 SVK 4 Jakub Kolár 21.11.1984 CZE 5 Karel Rada 02.03.1971 CZE 8 Roman Lengyel 03.11.1978 CZE 13 Petr Dragoun 19.12.1981 CZE 15 Vlastimil Ryška 01.04.1982 CZE 18 Tomáš Hunal 01.06.1973 CZE 22 Patrik Gross 06.05.1978 CZE MIDFIELDERS 6 Jurí Kostecka 04.09.1981 CZE 7 Dušan Tesarík 21.03.1976 CZE 10 Pavel Horváth 22.04.1975 CZE 12 Michal Dolezal 19.08.1977 CZE 14 Jirí Skála 10.10.1973 CZE 16 Peter Styvar 13.08.1980 SVK 19 Petr Vorisek 19.03.1979 CZE 23 Martin Sigmund 19.07.1982 CZE 24 Michal Kolomazník 20.07.1976 CZE STRIKERS 3 Ladislav Tomacek 26.09.1982 SVK 9 Pavel Verbír 13.11.1972 CZE 11 Radek Divecky 21.03.1974 CZE 17 Jan Rezek 05.05.1982 CZE 20 Ludek Zelenka 11.09.1973 CZE 25 Henrich Bencik 04.10.1978 SVK

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