Coach Bert van Marwijk was pleased with Feyenoord’s Thursday success in Klagenfurt. ‘Relieved because, as you know, we haven’t exactly been at our best recently, although we were expected to get through to the next round. If you play a team the whole place has turned out for, the threat of an upset is never far away. So I’m happy to get through to the second round, although our performance again tonight was not up to scratch.’

Van Marwijk was especially disappointed with the opening stages of the match. ‘Our first ten minutes weren’t good. It was our worst period, because we recovered pretty well after that. We played well as the first half progressed and I especially enjoyed Kuyt’s performance. It was just a pity that we weren’t able to score again after taking an early lead. If we had, we could have sat back for the rest of the game. That wasn’t possible and it was a pity.’ Van Marwijk was full of praise for Acuña and Lurling, indicating that both are still very much in the reckoning when it comes to a first-team place. The coach was less enthusiastic about Shinji Ono. ‘It was clear today that Shinji is not yet as old. Too often the final pass was not accurate enough. It’s a pity because when he’s playing well he’s the man that can make the difference for us in this sort of match.’ That said, the coach is confident that the Japanese midfielder will get back on track soon. ‘We all know what Shinji can do. I am entirely confident that he will get back to his best. I’m not worried about that.’ The Feyenoord supremo is hoping that European progress will have a positive impact on his team. ‘We are through to the next round, we won and we kept a clean sheet for the third time in succession. I hope that gives the team some confidence. Every little helps at this juncture. I hope that we get back to how we were, step by step.’
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