Sunday sees RBC Roosendaal come to the Kuip to face Feyenoord as part of the latest Eredivisie round of matches. Coach Van Marwijk has more fit players than he’s used to, but he’s not about to exaggerate his assets. ‘Players like Leonardo, Ramon van Haaren and Ebi Smolarek are no longer injured, but I cannot play them. They aren’t match fit yet. But it’s true that I have more options than I’ve had in recent weeks.’

Paauwe and Schreuder return to the team, although Van Marwijk was remaining tight-lipped about whether Snoyl and Gill Swerts would retain their places. ‘It’s simple. On the left of defence I have De Nooijer and Snoyl. On the right Swerts and Song. Those are the choices I have to make. The youngsters don’t have the upper hand. I only opt for the youngster if both players are equal,’ in the words of the coach. Given Song’s lack of form, it would appear that Swerts is highly likely to start. Van Marwijk has a lot of options on the left of attack, with Robin van Persie, Sebastián Pardo and Anthony Lurling all vying for a start. Pardo has not given the coach many reasons to pick him these past few weeks, while Van Persie had a fine game when he came on against FC Kärnten. But the shocker Van Persie had at FC Zwolle will probably mean that Anthony Lurling gets the nod Sunday. A good performance and an excellent goal in the Zwolle match have helped his cause. ‘Anthony is the only player in Holland who can score like that, skinning two men where there’s no space really and then finding the net,’ said Van Marwijk. Danko Lazovic is missing from the starting eleven, but Van Marwijk still has a lot of faith in the young player’s development. ‘At the moment he’s too chaotic. He takes up the wrong position too often and takes his foot off the pedal. I had a long chat with him on Thursday and with John Metgod on Friday. His game is still too vulnerable and he loses the ball too much. I can see he’s calming down. So I’m certain he get there, although it will obviously take time.’ Lat season saw Feyenoord dig out a 1-0 win in the corresponding fixture with an injury time winner from the foot of Patrick. RBC is currently nestled in tenth place in the Eredivisie with eight from six. Feyenoord – RBC Roosendaal Date: Sunday 5 October 2003 Time: 2.30 pm Venue: De Kuip Referee: Luijten Feyenoord (probable) Zoetebier; Swerts, Van den Berg, Paauwe, De Nooijer; Van Wonderen, Schreuder, Ono; Buffel, Kuyt, Lurling.
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