Brett Holman has been selected by coach Farina for Australia’s weekend tussle with Jamaica in England. The Excelsior player is still getting used to his international status, but injuries have ravaged the Aussie squad, opening the door to Holman, despite the Antipodean’s problems getting into the first team at Woudenstein. ‘This is the proof that Australia continues to follow me, even though I’m a first division player who doesn’t play every week.’

So unsurprisingly, Wednesday evening’s call from the Australian football association came as a great shock to Holman. ‘At first I thought it was a joke. But the man turned out to be very serious. They had a lot of injuries and they ended up by me. I really hadn’t expected that. ‘I expect to experience a lot of new things and to learn a great deal. Clearly, I’d like to make my debut, just like any footballer wants to play. But if I don’t, it won’t be the end of the world. No one can take this experience away from me.’ But Holman is pretty hopeful that he’ll get more call-ups in the future, despite the strength of the Soccerroo squad. 'There are always guys getting injured or suspended, so there’s a chance that I could get called up again. This invitation is the proof that they are keeping an eye on me.’

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