Feyenoord were unable to beat German opposition for the second evening running in the Alpen Cup, going down 0-2 to FC Nürnberg in the third place playoff Tuesday. There were bright spots for the Rotterdammers however, as two players – Peter van den Berg and Jean – made a first appearance in the first team, and a second – Danko Lazovic – impressed for the second time in two days.

The new look Feyenoord started better against FC Nürnberg than against Hannover’96. The Rotterdammers found it difficult to get things moving early on Monday, but created a number of chances in Tuesday’s first half. The game was scarcely eight minutes in, when Anthony Lurling was sent clear by Song and bore down on goal. Rather than a shot however, the Dutchman decided to pass and the opportunity went a begging. Bosvelt had a fine punt at goal later in the half, but it was Lurling again who got himself in the most promising position, only to see his effort skew-whiff off the outside of the post and out over the dead ball line. The Germans were reasonably unthreatening, yet it was Nürnberg that grabbed the lead two minutes ahead of the break. A free kick caught the Feyenoord defence in disarray and Nikl jumped to head home the opening goal of the evening. Peter van den Berg was the first debutant to get some playing time as he came on for the second half, replacing Glenn Loovens. De Nooijer went off too and Paauwe reverted to central defence alongside the new man. The substitutions continued as the second forty-five progressed, including Lazovic, who did well but couldn’t get a handle on the game like he had twenty-four hours previously. Later on the Brazilian Jean also made his debut, coming on for Van Driel and looking good. In the end though, despite all that fresh blood it was the German outfit that grabbed the goal, Krzynowek rubberstamping a Nürnberg victory late on. ALPEN CUP TOURNAMENT FC Nürnberg-Feyenoord 2-0 43’1-0 Nikl 82’ 2-0 Krzynowek FEYENOORD Zoetebier; Song, Loovens (46’ Van den Berg), De Nooijer (46’ Acuña), Van Driel (69’ Jean); Lurling, Bosvelt, Paauwe, Van Persie (65’ Pardo); Lurling (57’ Lazovic), Kuyt (80’ Bombarda), Buffel (75’ Elmander)
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