The traditional end-of-season transfer rumour market has been working overtime recently, and one of the most surprising names to be linked with a move away from the Kuip is Robin van Persie. But Rotterdam born and bred, the youngster is not interested in hotfooting it out of Holland just yet. ‘I intend to stay here and Feyenoord want to extend my contract. We’ll talk again at the end of next season,’ says Van Persie.

‘I certainly plan to stay in Rotterdam’, Van Persie clarified to this website. ‘I still have a dream to realise and that is to play behind the main striker at Feyenoord for a whole year. Outside left is a nice position, certainly if you have the freedom like Zidane to switch, but I think I can decide more games in Feyenoord’s favour in the number 10 position. I am convinced that I’d knock in twenty goals.’ The cup final gives Robin a wonderful stage to show just what he can do. And the fact that FC Utrecht are the opponents adds to the occasion for the striker. It was only a few weeks ago that Van Persie was red-carded in a tussle with Stijn Vreven at Utrecht, something that needs to be put right. ‘I don’t blame him for anything, but I’ll be showing Stijn in a nice way how you should do things,’ the fledgling talent promised. Sunday’s game is Robin’s second final in two seasons, after last year’s UEFA Cup triumph. ‘Some players take a little longer to do something like that. We will win that cup, no doubt about it! Utrecht are a decent side, but no more than that. And I am not scared of motivating them by saying that, because I know that we are better. If we play well no one can stop us, including Utrecht.’

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