Ferne Snoyl looks set to make his debut in the Feyenoord squad for the weekend trip to Tilburg. The youngster hooked up with the first team twice this week and made a good impression. ‘It’s really great to be part of things,’ said Snoyl. ‘It’s highly probable that we’ll take Ferne to Tilburg on Sunday,’ confirmed Bert van Marwijk. The coach also brushed off rumours of Arthur Numan coming to the Kuip.

Ferne Snoyl was included in the first-team setup for the first time in the preseason trip to Austria, as a leftback backup. After a promising start the 17-year-old had some disciplinary problems, but he has matured across the board and is seen as a welcome addition to Bert van Marwijk’s injury and suspension hit squad, which is down to a mere 13 players. ‘I spoke at length with Ferne during the week,’ said Van Marwijk Friday. ‘His problem has long been that he can play anywhere and that he didn’t make a clear choice. I told him that we would be concentrating on the leftback position for him next season.’ It’s a position that has caused the coach a few headaches this campaign. ‘We are still searching for a leftback. If only I could buy Van Bronckhorst... Ferne could be good there in the future, but he is most likely not ready yet. The same goes for Bastos at Excelsior. You need someone who can play, but he also has to be a good defender.’ The conundrum led some in the media to push forward Arthur Numan. ‘I’m said to have tried calling him a couple of times. It’s ridiculous,’ said the boss. ‘I’ve never spoken to him in my life!’
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