Surprise, surprise, the British media has been milling rumours about the impending emigration of Brett Emerton to the UK again. Newcastle United is the Premier League club the Aussie is linked with, but the player himself has heard nothing from the northeast of England. ‘Everyone knows about my ambition to play in England, but there is no hard interest whatsoever at the moment. The only people contacting me are journalists,’ says Emerton.

A string of websites has been playing Chinese whispers with the Socceroo’s future, generating what seems to be a self-perpetuating myth. So, is Emerton on his way across the North Sea? ‘Whatever,’ puffed Emerton Wednesday morning. ‘I think I would know about it. I think Newcastle is a very good club, but I’m still a Feyenoord player at the moment. I am very much at home here and I really want to win some prizes. We have four games to go, including the cup final, and we have to win them all. That’s the priority right now.’ The Antipodean is not worried that his game will wilt under the hot air of so much gossip, as it has in the past. ‘No, that will not happen. I’ve learned from last year and I won’t let it upset me anymore. I am fully concentrated on Feyenoord and I’ll see what my future holds.’ Emerton’s contract runs until the summer of 2004 and despite his desire to play in England he isn’t ruling out a longer stay in the lowlands. ‘If the club would like that and made that obvious to me, why not? I would certainly give it a lot of thought,’ admits the 24-year-old, who plans to marry his sweetheart in Sydney next month.
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