Sebastián Pardo’s injury is not as bad as first feared. The Chilean was in pain after receiving a kick to the ankle, but the player’s recovery has progressed well over the weekend and Pardo can now resume outside training, albeit in the company of fitness coach Van de Goolberg, rather than Van Marwijk and the rest of squad. ‘With a bit of luck I can be available against PSV,’ said Pardo.

‘There was nothing to see on the first photo we took last week,’ explained club doctor Robbart van Linschoten. ‘But that is not unusual and as Sebastián was feeling a lot of pain we were going to make a second photo on Monday. The recovery has progressed so fast these past few days however, that it is no longer necessary. It is now clear that the bone is not damaged and that is a positive piece of news in this case. Sebastián will train outside with Toine van de Goolberg today and will hopefully return to the squad on Thursday or Friday.’ Good news for the coach, bearing in mind the potential suspension of Robin van Persie. The medical report wasn’t the only good news for Pardo. The Chilean has been invited to hook up with the national under-23 squad for a training camp. But every silver lining has a cloud as they say, and it’s an invite that Pardo may not be able to take up, as the camp is scheduled in the week after Feyenoord-PSV.

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