Chris Gyan and Chong-Gug Song will hand over a cheque for 110,000 euros to Henk Franken, principal at the Dutch section of the United Nations children’s fund Unicef, before Saturday’s Eredivisie game at home to Heerenveen. The money was raised on the occasion of the special Unicef Gala held last December and the Feyenoord-Go Ahead Eagles Unicef Benefit game in January that attracted a 47,000 full house in the Kuip.

The 110,000-euro cheque is a direct consequence of the close collaboration between Unicef and Feyenoord. The money is destined for ‘What Every Adolescent Has the Right to Know’ in Ghana, a worldwide Unicef programme aimed at informing young people through young people about HIV and AIDS. Besides financial support, Feyenoord has a part to play in rolling out the project in Ghana. The club has given the project free access to the facilities of the Feyenoord Football Academy Ghana and Academy students are being used to spread the word about the dangers of AIDS. Figures show that young people are the group most likely to contract AIDS. In Ghana the 15-24 age group runs the greatest risk, due to a lack of knowledge about the disease, its symptoms, the risks and the best ways of avoiding contraction. ‘What Every Adolescent Has the Right to Know’ trains youngsters to spread the knowledge that can save the lives of their peers. The information campaign was launched with Feyenoord’s help in the summer of 2002 in Ghana and the first students of the Feyenoord Football Academy Ghana are now actively spreading information about AIDS.

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