The positive reviews following good performances on Gran Canaria have not stopped Jorge ‘Kike’ Acuña from demanding more of himself. ‘The nerves have really played a role recently,’ admitted the Chilean, who travels to Glasgow with the rest of the squad. ‘If I get some certainty about my future I’ll show that I can do much better.’ The Celtic game is likely to give Acuña the opportunity of securing that certainty.

From day one in Rotterdam the Chilean has made no bones about his admiration for Feyenoord. ‘I still feel great at this club and that’s thanks to my teammates. They and the backroom staff have made sure that I feel very welcome. And I already don’t want to think about leaving the club. The standard of the team is very high and as you may have noticed, I already speak about Feyenoord with a certain nostalgia. You know what it is, this is the best thing I’ve experienced in my career so far and so I hope that it doesn’t end. Up to now I’ve had to make a lot of sacrifices for football, which really means everything to me. I left home at ten, I’ve had get over a number of setbacks and convince coaches who didn’t think I had what it takes. I was always able to do that and it appears that everything I’ve invested in myself is going to pay off. A transfer to Feyenoord would be a dream come true.’ It is still unclear whether Acuña did enough on Gran Canaria to earn a contract. The Chilean feels he’s shown something of what he has to offer, but wonders if it was adequate. ‘I’m delighted that we won that cup and I’m very proud of that. Personally, I’m reasonably satisfied with my displays, but I know that I can do much better. I’d only trained three days before I started playing in this team. And nerves have played a role too. Your future is at stake after all and it took some time to shake off that feeling every game. On the one hand, you don’t dare take too great a risk, but on the other you want to show what you can do. You’re caught between sword and wall, as we say in Spanish. There’s no escape. At the same time, I have enough self-confidence to say that I won’t disappoint people if I stay at Feyenoord. I want to give my all to pay back the club that gave me this chance. Fortunately I’ll probably get an opportunity soon against Celtic.’
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