Ferry de Haan confirmed his transfer to Excelsior Friday – ahead of schedule. The 30-year-old makes an immediate switch to the other side of Rotterdam, where he’ll serve out the remaining eighteen months of his contract. ‘I’d already decided to move during the winter break,’ admitted De Haan, ‘but yesterday evening’s injury to Civard Sprockel means there’s a bit of an emergency.’ The defender may make his debut in Sunday’s home game against Ajax.

De Haan trained with his Feyenoord teammates for the last time Thursday and confessed to feeling a few pangs in his heart. ‘This is my club and it is difficult to leave. But you have to be realistic. I’m no longer getting games here. That’s why I already agreed to move during the winter break. It’s nice and anonymous and I would have been able to join the preparations from the start. But Excelsior have an emergency, because Michel Breuer and now Civard Sprockel are both injured. So they asked me to come earlier and I’ll always willing to help. If I play against Ajax, then I’ll be straight into it. That’s something I’ve never been afraid of.'

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