Pierre van Hooijdonk had made it clear. His team would have to win, win and win some more right up to the winter break. But they fell at the first hurdle. The Rotterdammers went down 3-1 to Heerenveen, despite an initial lead from Bosvelt. It was the debut of 17-year old Jesper Hogedoorn, who had to take the place of injured L’Ami after 87 minutes. To seal a bad night, Song developed an injury in the closing phase of the match

Feyenoord’s keeper saga continues. Carlo L’Ami, owing to injuries of Zoetebier en Lodewijks unable to believe his luck with his debut for Feyenoord at age 36 has injured himself. A kamikaze attempt to punch away the ball from Denneboom left him with a damaged shoulder, and Jesper Hogedoorn at age 17 defending the Feyenoord. In a match characterized by a colorless and goalless first half, the action all came after the first 45. After 55 minutes, Feyenoord skipper Bosvelt managed to pull one out of a messy situation although his shot would probably have ended up in the hands of Vonk if Buffel hadn’t intelligently helped the ball along. The lead lasted no more than 7 minutes as Vayrynen, Denneboom and Nurmela all beat the Rotterdam keeper on the night. Feyenoord only really had one other chance with a Van Hooijdonk opportunity squandered ten minutes before time. An already despondent Feyenoord face another injury as Song fell prone to injury. Although he managed to stay on the pitch, he was incapable of effective contribution. Disappointment in Heerenveen. Heerenveen-Feyenoord 3-1 (0-0) Referee: R. Bossen. Yellow card: De Jong, Nurmela Scoring: 55’ 0-1 Buffel 62’ 1-1 Vayrynen 68’ 2-1 Denneboom 87’ 3-1 Nurmela Teams SC Heerenveen: Vonk; Bakkati, Hansma, Hansson, Edman; Nurmela (86’ Kolk), Jensen, Radomski, Vayrynen; De Jong, Denneboom (85’ Selakovic). Feyenoord: L’Ami; Gyan (77’ Bombarda), Van Wonderen, Loovens, Song; Emerton, Bosvelt, Ono, Van Persie (69’ Lurling); Buffel, Van Hooijdonk.
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