Feyenoord will release Chong-Gug Song for South Korea’s game with Brazil after all, after the Koreans told the club they expect the player to report as scheduled. Song early expressed a wish to miss the meet and the accompanying longhaul flight, which comes in the middle of a busy period for the club. Coach Van Marwijk for one finds the decision hard to swallow. ‘They refuse to understand that all those games aren’t good for Song.’

The defender is obviously a vital part of the Feyenoord squad, but to complicate matters Song is also suffering from a tenderness of the groin, which can only worsen the more he plays. ‘Song understands that he’s better off not playing there,’ Van Marwijk explained. ‘He has been in contact with his association a couple of times now, but he cannot do much to change things. The Koreans view Song as their most important player and want him there whatever. We have to release him. If we were to refuse, the Koreans could have him banned from the RKC game. It’s crazy really. And it’s not possible to agree him playing only one half either.’ Technical director Rob Baan admits that there’s little to be done about the Korean decision. ‘Feyenoord has done everything to keep Song here. But it’s the risk you take when you contract overseas players. Dutch players also have to report for internationals. South Korea don’t have any games until February however.’

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